Thursday, December 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day ONE!

Monday, December 1, 2011
What was the first tangible gift you remember receiving?

The first gift I remember receiving was a gift I got when I was 3.  My parents were still married, and I had these friends who lived across the street,  Chrissy and Amy, who were sisters.  Another neighbor, Tyler, was over playing with all of us at the sisters house.  I don't remember much about any of them, except that I always seem to remember Tyler was VERY cute.  At the same time, I have not a single memory of what he looked like, just that he was cute.  

So apparently it came time for Tyler and I to go home.  My family lived on a boulevard, and our mothers were standing in it waiting for us to come across.  As we were running down the front steps, Tyler pushed me to get me to hurry.  When he did, I fell, and hit my face on the metal hand rail, where it curves downward.  Needless to say, it split my face open, right across my eye.  All I really remember was that there was a LOT of blood...or what seemed like a lot of blood to a 3 year old.  

I was taken to the brutalfactoryofhumanslaughter hospital.  This is where my first memory of the incident comes in.  Me, at three tender years old, being held down while they shoved a 12 inch long needle into my eye area, to numb it for stitches.  I can very clearly see the needle coming down at my eye.  I don't know if this is how it really happened, or if this is just how my mind wants me to remember it.  If that is the case, my brain is more f*cked up then we all thought! (this very well could be the case)

So, fast-forward to a period of time following the "accidental attempt at making 3 year old Amber blind" that I don't have any clue how much time actually passed.  I'm guessing a day.  If that.  I'm now at home, surviving the horror of the slaughterhouse/hospital.  Tyler came to visit me, though I'm certain it was nothing to do with guilt.  (it was ALL guilt)  He brought with him caramel corn and a Dydee Bear.  Dydee Bear was a bear you got free when you used Dydee Bear diaper service.  I'm not sure if you had to save up points each week or what, but I do remember exactly what it looked like. Because I still have mine.  

(My Dydee Bear)

So I guess a super cute boy named Tyler, giving me a used Teddy Bear he got for free, made up for his attempt to jab my eye out with an iron rail, because I've kept the memory of his gift with me for all these years.  I'm such a sucker.

The house that it happened at.

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  1. What a memory. The bear is cute. Can't believe you still have something from that long ago. I moved too many times to keep my stuff in one place.