Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week One...done.

Whoever said dieting was just as cheap as not dieting can kiss my ass.

Went to the grocery store today.  Up until now, I hadn't been purchasing any special foods, and was just living off of what was available.  I was relying only on the training to help me lose weight, until I could go grocery shopping.  So this morning I set out to just grab a few things to get me through today until I could do my big grocery haul tomorrow.  That didn't happen.  $200 later I walked out with an entire cart of food.  BUT...not one SINGLE junk food item was in my cart.  About the unhealthiest thing I had was sour cream, for my chicken taco, and that was only because I can not stand the taste of low-fat sour cream.

I got almost every fruit they had.  I got tons of vegetables, healthy snacks like popcorn, low fat string cheese, etc.  I felt very good about my shopping trip, and am looking forward to trying some new foods.

When I started out on this training I just had a blanket goal.  I want to lose around 100lbs.  I didn't put any thought into when I wanted to lose it by, or at what rate.  Then I got to thinking, if I lose 2lbs a week, that puts me at one year to lose 100lbs...roughly.  I should be able to do 2lbs a week, if I am very careful and stick to the training....I think.  So tonight I got on the scale, because this is the one week mark of when I started training, and I am down 4.5lbs!!!!!!!  I more than doubled my goal, and that feels fantastic!  I really think I can do this!

That being said.  I have been doing this training with a co-worker, and we have really been helping each other out as far as motivation and encouragement.  The thing is, she only lives over here during the week.  So last weekend I had to train alone, and I will admit, it was REALLY hard.  I did it, but it's just SO much easier when you have someone suffering right along with you.

Tonight is 4th of July Eve.  I had to work, and I knew I wouldn't be out in time to fight off the traffic for fireworks, as our town is having them tonight.  The kids went to the park to watch them and after work I just came home.  And that is when I realized nobody had drugged the beagle.  Beagle + fireworks = migraine.  By the time I had realized it, it was far too late to "prevent" her reaction, but I could do my best to drug her and try to stop it half way through.  So I did.  Keeping in mind that I still had to run tonight.  3 hours passed, constant barking still.  At this point, I'm waiting for either A) her meds to kick in, or B) the fireworks to stop...whichever came first.  They both came at the same time.  So at 10:30pm, I finally head out for my run.

We are in the middle of a very ridiculous heat wave.  Heat index has been over 100* all week.  So running at night SHOULD be a blessing, but it is not.  It was still somewhere around 90* when I went.  I'm not going to lie, it was hard to keep up, because of the heat, and because my training buddy again went home for the holiday.  I really felt myself losing motivation tonight, but I struggled through it.  I will have to do it again alone tomorrow.  I hope I can find the drive to get back into the swing of things.

My blisters are now just slightly painful callouses.  My legs only throb when I run, not all of the time anymore.  I find I'm exhausted much earlier in the evening, which for me is a good thing, since I am usually up  till 3 or 4 in the morning.  I'm also getting up earlier in the mornings.  Overall, I actually feel pretty darn good, and that may be what I need to remind myself of when I get "down" about this.  I have proven to myself the last week that I can do this, if I try hard enough...and I need to remember just how strong I am when I need to be.  So, here is to a week of success, in my eyes, and I hope the next week does the same!

Day 7, post run