Thursday, December 15, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 15!

What was a gift that wasn't well-received?

I guess I will need to limit this to one that wasn't well-received by me, because I think I'm a pretty good gift giver...

I got married young, at the age of 20.  My mother-in-law HATED me.  I never did anything to her, it's just that her son, my husband, was a mothers none you've ever seen.  One year for Christmas, I really needed a winter coat.  I asked her for one for Christmas.  I remember Christmas Day coming and her giving me my gift.  Please remember that I was 20...a young woman, full of life, and energy, and fun, and whimsy....

and it was a coat.  A shit brown full length ugly ass coat, 2 sizes too big.  I never wore got donated, and I went the entire winter without a winter coat.

picture this in shit brown

So today was better than yesterday.  Did a little Christmas shopping...managed to get 3 people off the list done.  I know I'm doing all this last minute, I just really hate shopping alone.  It's times like this, and all other times, that I wish my best friend lived closer.  This is the stuff we should be doing together.  :o(


  1. I was just thinking I have Christmas shopping to do too and I am not looking forward to doing it alone. Maybe next year we should plan a "Christmas Shopping Girls Day".

  2. Wow that jacket is just gorgeous *puke*. Sorry you have to shop alone. I would love to shop with ya but we would buy way too much and a whole bunch of it would be jokes for each other instead of anything you really needed haha.