Monday, November 7, 2011

A Day In The Life...

It is said that the human eye will focus on over 50 things per second.  In the last 7 days my eyes have managed to focus on:

People dressed up in costumes begging for candy
(I miss being young enough to do that)

A rabbit get turned inside out
(while VERY cool to see, this stunk SOOOO bad)

My daughter get her first "all passing grades" report card since elementary school
(I am INCREDIBLY proud of her!)

10+ Saw-whet Owl Captures
(I wish that number were MUCH higher)

A strange glowing "light" shoot down from the sky
(and NO, it was not a shooting star)

My son clean his room
(I'm still not convinced this one wasn't just a dream)

An honest to God search for "Bigfoot" in our state park...complete with Animal Planet Channel film crew
(Because if I was bigfoot, I'd want to live in Indiana....NOT)

A tortoise rodeo
(add Tortoise Wrangler to my resume)

A dog vomit an entire bed-skirt in a matter of seconds, without a single cough
(now THIS was impressive!  But it was another really stinky one)

Co-workers taking shots of Jager to celebrate absolutely nothing
(I have some pretty damn awesome co-workers)

A child sleep through over an hour of alarms going off
(perhaps he is too afraid he will get eaten by the shit in his room on the way to the dresser)

More deer than I can count
(Where are the hunters when you need them)

Me finish my first cross-stitching in over 20 years
(Mostly done to impress dear

Yeah, I sort of have a strange life.