Wednesday, January 18, 2012

and with it comes a belly ache...

At some point last night, I started feeling not so good. There are some pretty nasty gastrointestinal things going around right now, so I was REALLY hoping it wasn't what I was getting. I finally managed to fall asleep around 3AM. Woke up at 8AM, and yup...I got the stuff that is going around. It's been along morning already, and I still have to work tonight.

I finally managed to venture out long enough to check some things online that I needed to check. I'm so over winter already. I have friends coming to town this weekend, and we planned on doing some geocaching. I'm sure we still will, but it's not near as fun in this cold weather! Also, my father and step-mother are coming to town Sunday for our "Christmas" with them. I REALLY need to be better by then!

This weekend was our company Christmas party. I had a great time, not getting home until nearly 1AM, and having to be at work by 7AM. I ended up only running about a half hour behind, so I was pretty impressed with myself. I wasn't, however, prepared for what Sunday had in store for me.

I was greeted at work by a dog that took it upon himself to do his own leg amputation. Followed by a puppy that had died overnight from Parvo. (that is a story I just don't want to get into, as I am REALLY bitter) Another dog vomited everywhere, and we had a dog die during surgery. It was a LONG day. Managed to make it through though, and Monday went much more smoothly.

Now I will just spend the rest of the week trying to make myself feel better so I can hang out with friends this weekend! Here is to hoping the snow stays away until AFTER their visit!

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  1. Wow what a horrible day at work! I wouldn't be able to handle one of those let alone all of them in one day.

    Hope you get to feeling better quickly!!!!