Friday, January 13, 2012

ahh, there she is....

I've been strangely absent, in case you hadn't noticed. Laptop crashing, kindle pain in the assing, and stolen neighbors wifi vanishing. I've been unable to blog, and it's actually been driving me nuts. Even without much to say. It had become something I was relying on, even if just an attempt to keep my mind in check.

So, nothing new to update. I'm still only able to get access to internet when the neighbors connection is strong enough. We are in the middle of our first snow storm of the season, so that isn't helping the internet situation. I'm going stir crazy. No television, no internet, too cold to be outside...ugh. I am SO ready for summer!

On the bright side...there is an upcoming geocaching event, the 21st. It's one of my favorite of the season. Brad, who is hosting it, has told me that I am not allowed to attend, either is my best friend, Katie. If we wanted to fight it, we could, because Groundspeak has a rule stating that events must be open to ALL public, and you are not allowed to exempt anyone from attending, or they will not allow your event to be listed on their site. However, we have decided to take the higher road, and allow the event to remain published, and simply not go. Instead of attending, our group of friends (who make up a large majority of those that attended anyway) are going to just get together and spend the day doing other stuff. Instead of their money going to the park, it will go to a local hotel, and we will be doing some caching, shopping and just hanging out. Everyone was planning on making the drive up here anyway, so anything he decides to attempt to do to cause drama isn't going to stop us from having fun!

Tomorrow is FINALLY the Christmas party for work. I went last year, and had a lot of fun, though I'd only been working there a month. Unfortunately, none of the other kennel crew is attending....AND I don't have a date, so it's me, stag, walking into a room of people I don't know too well. And for any of you that know me, you already know this means no good. I HATE walking into rooms like that....the whole pathetic "who will I sit by, who will I talk to..."ugh. But, I will go, and I am sure I will have just as much fun as last year.

Other than that, nothing new. Hope all of you are well, and will update as soon as I can.

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  1. About time you blog. I understand why you didn't though.

    I won't comment on the stupid shit in the middle.

    Go into your party knowing you will have a good time. You will find someone to talk to and like you said have a good time. Just don't over think it. Which I know we are all good at.