Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is a "pumpernickel" anyway?

January 4, 2012
Are you superstitious about beginnings? Anything you do to start out on the right foot?

This goes right along with my "spontaneous" personality...meaning, I don't ever do things to prepare, etc.  Because I usually don't know what I am doing from one day to the next.  I don't have any New Year rituals either.

Another boring day in the condo complex.  It's days like this that I REALLY miss living at the Nature Preserve.  Things were just so much simpler there, and life was just so much...happier.  Our little cabin in the woods.  And on a day I didn't have anything to do, I could step right outside my door and be in Nature.  I could grab my camera and explore, hop on the tractor and toy around, or just sit on the back porch and listen.  I'd give anything to be back there again.  sigh
Worked a little bit more on my secret project.  I don't have much time to get it finished, so I'm doing the best I can to stay on it.  Kylie has been trying her hand at cross-stitching, so I've been helping her with that too.  Kids go back to school in the morning.   I'm kind of sad about it.  I've really enjoyed spending some time with them while on their break.  I don't get to see them much when they are in school, because of my work schedule.  I just wish it was different.  
The highlight of my day was finding a new snack food.  I stopped by the grocery on the way to work to get something to snack on tonight.  I decided on pretzels and came across these "Pumpernickel and Onion" ones.  I have no idea why I bought them, as I have no clue what pumpernickel even is. (I wikipedia'd it, so now I know the answer)  But I was distracted with a phone call, so I will just blame Jenn for my random purchase.  Turns out to be a good thing, as they were DELISH!  (don't tell Jenn)  I guess they make them in a variety of "shapes", but I got the twists.  I would certainly recommend them!  
Worked this evening.  Nothing too exciting there.  Found out a dog I spent a little time with the other night is in heart failure, and that really made me sad.  He's just a year old, and a very sweet boy.  So I sat in with him tonight for a few, and loved on him good.  He probably will be humanely euthanized tomorrow, so I'm kind of glad I don't have to work.  I guess that is the one thing I hate about my job, the ones that don't make it.  Some of them just really get to your heart.  If by some miracle he makes a huge turn around tonight, they won't do it, but I just don't see that happening.  My prayers are going to his family tonight.
I have tomorrow off.  I don't have much planned, other than catching up on laundry.  So you can look forward to another lame post from me tomorrow night.

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  1. That is the worst part of your job for sure! Great Job finding the new snack. They are probably not too bad for ya either.