Sunday, January 8, 2012

oh so little sleep...

Headed my behind to work at 6:30AM, with little more than 2 hours sleep. Thank goodness my mother is an early bird, she is the person who kept me awake,via phone, while I drove in. Relatively easy day, which was much welcome. It let me catch up some of the cleaning and sanitizing that needed done there.
Came home and vegged on the sofa wth Mackensie while we played games on the kindle. Snuck in a quick 20 minute nap, read some, and after dinner it was movies and a LOT of progress on my secret project!! I'm having fun with it, but I am so ready for it to be done.
And now its nearly 2AM, with the amount of sleep I didn't get last night, I should have passed out hours ago. This insomnia is really beginning to take its toll on me. So I am off to curl up in bed and watch some television. If I am lucky, I wont even make it to the first commercial break. Wish me luck!

p.s. this entire entry was done on my kindle fire. compaired to my last attempt, this one looks great!


  1. You need to look at meds girl. There's gotta be something that will help out.

    Glad the Kindle is working good for ya.

  2. Ive tried several kinds of mess, unfortunately, nineof them seem to work. I even tried going several days with no caffeine and no luck.