Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh, that was some good steak...

January 3, 2012
What is your favorite start of the year tradition?

I can honestly say, I don't have one.  I don't do resolutions, so those aren't even an idea to blog about.  I'm more of a spur of the moment and less "planning it all out" type of a person, so I don't even have goals set in place at the beginning of the year.  This question is a REALLY bad one for me to answer...sorry to all that were hanging on to the edges of their seats waiting for an answer.

Today Kylie and I went grocery shopping.  I was UBER excited to find my 2 favorite K-cups on sale, for $2 off a box, at the local grocer.  I stocked up with 6 boxes!  I've been drinking a lot more coffee now that it is so much easier to make...lol.  I'm sure that isn't a good thing, but I'm not drinking it all into the night, so it's not likely to keep me up at night.  I already do that well enough without coffee.  Also, I heard on the news the other day that women who drink 4 cups of coffee a day are 20% less likely to suffer from depression.  Right now, with everything Brad is throwing at me, I could use all the help I can get.  So, thank you in advance, coffee, for helping me be less depressed!
We also scored an EXCELLENT sale on roast, buy one get one free.  In addition, they had $12.00 steaks on sale, plus a coupon for $4 off each one, so we got $12 steaks for $4!!!!  We had them for dinner tonight, and they were....incredible!  Possibly the best steak I've ever made.  I also stocked up on after-school snack food for them, as mini-pizzas were on sale 10 for $10, along with a few other things.  Got some things to try as "mix ins" in the new ice cream maker too, but we have to wait for the canister to freeze, so possibly Thursday, as I work tomorrow.
After grocery shopping, Kylie and I fooled around with the clay, I helped her with a craft she is working on, we made some ornaments I got on clearance a week ago, and then us girls cuddled in my bed for some chick flicks.  It was a great day, all and all, despite a few bumps tossed in front of me.
The good/bad news of the day is that Brad deleted me and blocked me on facebook.  I am certain that he will still use the kids accounts to access mine, or just flat out log into mine, as he has seemed to do in the past.  But I got to thinking today, he blocked them from accessing the internet, so I don't think he has any right, whatsoever to monitor what they do on their facebook/email accounts anymore.  So, I will be working the next few days to get that switched over.  I was going to not do it, for fear that he would shut Kylies phone off on her, but she told me today that he already was going to, because she texted Tennyson.  I can't afford to pay her phone bill too, so I don't know what she is going to do now.  Ahh, the life in this house....

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  1. Glad you found such good deals on the grocery. That always helps.

    I will just say Grr at the other shit.