Thursday, March 15, 2012

Light at the end of this tunnel? Oh, I hope so!!

Day 6, for those keeping track, and I'm still sick.  BUT.....

I can breathe without gagging, 24 hours with no fever, my chest only hurts when I cough (which is about every 3 minutes as opposed to every 3 seconds and I actually slept in today!

Symptoms I still have: Sinus headache, wheezing breathing, stomach is still sore from coughing, nose is still a little stuffy, still have diarrhea and still on my period.  As horrible as that all sounds, it's SO much better than I have been the past 5 days.

I called off work on Monday, I just couldn't make it.  Tuesday they came to replace our water heater.  Here is a picture of the old one, I'd say it was due to be replaced:

As grateful as I was that it was getting replaced, I was really frustrated because they showed up at 9:30 AM and were here until 9:30PM.  I was SO sick, and I had to stay on the sofa, not in my comfy bed, while they did their work.  Brad finally got home after 4, and I retreated back to bed.  The kids woke me up a short time later to tell me he was taking them to dinner, so I had to get BACK out of bed and babysit the water heater repairmen.  I appreciated him taking them out, but I honestly would have rather stayed in bed.
They finally leave, and I continued to be miserable the remainder of the night, but I did get to take the most incredible shower I ever have here, thanks to the new hot water!
They were supposed to come finish up a few things with the water heater, and told me they would come back on Wednesday.  They call me 10 minutes before I'm leaving for work to tell me they won't be coming today, and will be back Thursday instead.  Gee...thanks for giving me the advance notice.

So I went into work last night, mostly because I can't afford to lose another days pay.  While clocking in I had 2 different people stop and comment on how horrible I looked.  I thought to myself  "if I look this bad on the outside, they'd hate to see what's going on on the inside!"  For those that don't know, I work in an animal hospital.  I work in the kennel area, so I quickly made my way to the back and hid for most of the night., so as not to infect everyone there.  Shortly after arriving, my daughter calls me to tell me the water heater is spraying water everywhere, the room is completely flooded and the new tile floor they put in is coming up.  I call the repairman, and he heads to the house, while I continue to be miserable at work.
It took every ounce of strength I had, but I managed to make it 6 hours.  I still don't know how I did it.  I was miserable.  I came home and was in bed, asleep, by 9:15PM.  A full 6 hours before I usually manage to fall asleep, and this time I did it with NO NyQuil!!  Unfortunately, I was awoken shortly after 10PM to loud snoring, and was back up until my normal 3AM.  But I did sleep in until well after noon today, and I think that is what really made the difference.

And did I mention that they STILL aren't done in the utility room?  They were supposed to come today and clean out the dryer vent, and seal the floor.  It's 2:30 in the afternoon and I have yet to hear from them.  This is why I get so frustrated when something here needs worked on...because our landlord, and his repairmen, drag their feet so badly.  If you aren't going to come, at least call in the morning and tell me, so I don't waste my entire day sitting around home waiting...ugh.
So I think I'm done waiting.  I finally feel like I can venture out of the house for a few seconds, and probably will run to the store for dinner fixens.  If I feel up to it after the kids get home, maybe I will try and talk them into going on a bike ride.  I'm loving this weather!

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  1. So glad to hear maybe this is all coming to an end. You better get all better by the 24th haha.