Thursday, March 22, 2012

I can breathe clearly nose is clear...

Finally....finally I feel better.  I am SO not 100%, but I am so much better than I was.  I honestly can say that I have never been that sick in all of my life.  I don't wish that on ANYONE!

Now, lets move past the "Amber is sick" crap!

The weather is GORGEOUS!  It is ridiculously hot for Indiana in March, but if it could stay like this year round, I think a whole lot of people would be in a LOT better mood.  I had an appointment at the school today, and after that I took my grandson to the park.  He is almost 14 months, and is a complete daredevil.  He LOVES to be outdoors, and loves to explore.  And we learned today, that he LOVES to slide.  It didn't take him long to figure out how to do it, and soon he was zooming himself down the tallest slide there...sometimes scaring the snot out of me!
Caidens first time all by himself!

 I am just so glad that the weather is so wonderful.  I really hope that doesn't mean this summer is going to be miserable though.
  That being said, I am ready to go camping!  Sadly, my first camping trip isn't planned until the end of April, but I may just have to try and sneak a night somewhere before that.  Besides, I have this new tent that is dying to be broken in!  Even the kids were asking to go camping today.  I love that they enjoy doing that.  I guess we are all itching to sleep under the stars!  While we had a very mild winter, I think we all have a bit of cabin fever.
New Tent

So my friends Katie and Fred are coming up from Ft. Wayne to visit this weekend.  I am pretty excited about that.  I haven't seen them in a month, and I hate that we don't live closer.  But I love that we have really made the efforts to get together regularly.  It gives us all something to look forward to each month, and we count down like little kids waiting for  I know we are planning on doing some Geocaching, and I am excited about that.  It will be our first "group run" of the year.  I'm looking forward to getting some hiking in, and just being goofy for a day!

Because I have been so sick, not much has been happening in my life.  I did finally manage to pick up my cross stitching again tonight, and get a few Xs in.  I wish I was further, but I just couldn't do it when I was ill.
I finally broke down and just took a picture of the model in the book, because I couldn't find a decent one online.

What it will look like done.  It's rather large at 22 1/2 inches long

My current progress.  This should be done by Christmas...of 2025.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better!

    Love the Jingle Bells piece. I really enjoy watching it grow.