Sunday, March 25, 2012

If I've learned anything from this weekend, it's that I'm not 25 anymore!

I had an incredible weekend!  Fred and Katie came up from Ft. Wayne for our monthly get together.  Daryl came over from Michigan City and we headed out for some caching.  The predicted rain didn't come, and we had perfect weather to be outdoors!  It was a great time, and I really enjoyed spending time with everyone.  

John, Gisela and baby Alex met us for dinner and then back to the hotel for some party games and some drinking.  The last several times we have all gotten together, I haven't really drank I was determined to be successful in it this time!  And I was.  And I paid for it all day today.  I've never been one to get a hangover, but I had one this time.  I'm not sure if it was the Liquid Cocaine shots, the Amaretto Sours, the Strawberry Daiquiris or the Chocolate Patron.  I suppose it was a combination of all.  After sadly saying our goodbyes, I came home and took a 2 hour nap.  I still felt like death.

But, I did manage to get out of bed and clean up the house a little, work on some laundry, and cook dinner.  I am starting to feel like "me" again, though it took until bedtime to get that way.

The kids are on Spring Break now.  Unfortunately, I have to work all week, including some double shifts.  My boss has chosen to take her vacation this week so she can spend Spring Break with her kids.  I agreed to cover her shifts, because the other person that works with us wouldn't take any of them.  I'm excited about the extra hours, but the more I think about it, the worse I feel, because I feel like I really robbed my kids of being able to enjoy their time off.  We can't go anywhere, and I'm gonna be working a lot of hours, so I won't hardly see them.  We are just going to have to get creative with what little time I am gonna be home.

Our next outing is April 27th, when we head back to Pokagon for a camping weekend with our friends and their families.  It's time to start counting down the days, because we are all pretty excited about this one!
Hope everyone had a good weekend, and good luck with the upcoming week!

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  1. What a great time! I had to take a nap too. I think we are all getting too old haha. According to my countdown 1 month 1 day left.