Friday, February 22, 2013

Fireplace Therapy. Who knew?

I can't even believe I'm about to say this, but here goes.

I FEEL FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally!  After 10 days of suffering, I feel fantastic!  I managed to tag along to the laundry mat, put my clothes away, and took off to visit my friend Tim for awhile, with the spawn.  (mid-winter break = day off school)

I've been working to restore Tim and Samantha's 100 year old fireplace mantle, but got so sick that I couldn't get over there to do it.  Tim decided to spoil me today, with a heat gun.  He informed me of this on my way out the door, and knowing I have no self control when it comes to the mantel, I grabbed a grungy shirt before leaving.  It wasn't long after my arrival that we decided to just "try it out".  Sure enough, within minutes, I was changing my shirt and diving in.  He made sure I had a chair to sit in, so I didn't over-do myself.  I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it, but it felt awesome just to be back at it.  I've really missed that project, and look forward to getting better so I can work on it even more.

And then we went to dinner, and they treated the kids and I.  It was hard to figure out what I was "brave" enough to eat, but after some texting to my personal chef, I figured it out.  A nice, yummy, chicken dish.  And I ate almost all of it, with healthy, low fat sides.  And here it is, 8 hours later and NO TUMMY ACHES!

We spent some time walking around Sams club, Megabev, and even Walmart.  I am exhausted, but most importantly, I'm not hurting.

I really do think that mantel was just the therapy I needed!

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  1. Hopefully this means you are finally getting better. I'm sure you aren't totally pain free but at least it's a start.