Friday, February 8, 2013

Cut it out!

Who has 2 thumbs, a gall bladder and FINALLY has a surgery date?  This chick!  As of February 20th, I'll not be able to answer that with myself, as I'll only have the 2 thumbs, but not a gall bladder.  After 4 years of pain and suffering, I'm finally having my surgery.  I am beyond excited to have this almost over with.  I feel like making a gall bladder advent calendar, just to help me celebrate the upcoming day!  Instead of candy in each pocket, I'll put Norco, Zofran and Protonix.  When they are gone.... so is my gall bladder!!!

So, I've been itching to cross-stitch.  But all of my supplies are locked away in storage, in Indiana.  So I finally went out and got me enough stuff to get by.  I really like stitching snowmen, and since we are blanketed in snow right now, I decided to stick with the theme and picked up a Lavender Wings pattern called "If I Could Be A Snowman...".  I kitted it all up, and at the end of this blog posting, will be getting it ready for the first stitch.  Here is a picture of the completed design:

If you can't read it, the saying goes: "If I could be a snowman, I don't know which I'd be....all bundled up to fight the chill, or cold and fancy free!" 

I think it's just adorable, and am looking forward to getting started on it.  Maybe I'll feel up to stitching it while I'm laid up after surgery.

I'll leave you with a picture I took this morning.  We had several inches of snowfall overnight, but zero wind. This meant that the snow remained on all of the tree branches, and being outside felt like you were walking through a snow-globe.  It was just incredible.  After taking the kids to school, I actually drove around a little bit and just looked at all the beautiful trees.  I don't normally like anything about winter, but days like today just can't help but steal your breath away.  Enjoy!

Our front yard.

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  1. Oh wow I love the snow picture!!!! That's gorgeous. Love the snowman piece you picked out to stitch. It will look beautiful when you finish it.

    So glad you will soon be without a gall bladder.