Sunday, April 27, 2014

Le yawn...

I had a whole lot of activity crammed into my weekend. I don't know if I am on emotional overload, or what tonight, but I can't sleep....more so than usual. Tonight I'm thinking about my mom, and all the things that I wish that I could do with her again. But the truth is, she will probably never have the strength to do any of that again. Tonight my heart hurts. Tonight I want to tell my 10 year old self to make more of an effort to enjoy every single moment with my mom....because it WILL come to an end someday. Tonight I want to lay my head on her lap, and just watch television together. Tonight I want to be 22 years old, standing in her bathroom as I was preparing for a flight, alone, to California, and she was showing me how to properly apply eye-liner. Tonight I want to be sitting at her kitchen table, doing our 60 second "poem challenges". Tonight I want to look out the window, and see her ever content, plucking away at her flower garden. Tonight I have regrets. Tonight, I want to relive all of my yesterdays.

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