Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A case of the yuckies....

I’m sick.  I’m knockdown, drag out sick.  I’m good with pain.  While I don’t welcome it, I can usually meditate my way through the worst of it, only seeking medical attention after days and days of suffering.  But you mess with my sinuses and I’m a like 2 year old not wanting to take a nap.  I cry, I whine, I beg for sympathy.  I do NOT like the feeling of not being able to breathe.  Even someone jokingly putting something over my face makes me freak out.  I’m not even a fan of Halloween masks.  I just don’t like it. 
And so I've been bed ridden for 3 days.  Today I finally got a tiny bit of relief, as my nose is no longer running; now it’s congested.  But at least I’m not blowing it every 3 seconds.  The tender flesh around it can now begin its painful healing process.  I feel things beginning to build in my chest.  Tomorrow should be quite the adventure, as I’m sure it will bring forth the coughing.  But at least my nose isn't running.  Must remember to stay grateful for that.
I took this most pathetic picture of myself last night.  It’s not staged, I didn't pose, I didn't use make up to make things seem worse that they are.  I’m not sure you could even fake how pathetic I look.  It was bad.  But I find such humor in just how pathetic I look, that I am sharing it with all of you, in hopes that you, too, can get a laugh out of it. 

I’m tired of being locked in the house, and I need to get back to job searching A.S.A.P., so I hope this ends soon.  And if anyone else is suffering through this, you have sympathy from me, because I am all too aware of just how bad this sucks!

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