Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ahh...some fresh air!

Yesterday we headed to Sky King.  It's a 5/5 cache, which is the most difficult rating they can have.  The Grateful Cacher had been sitting at 1499 finds for a week, waiting to make this one his 1500th find.  The cache is a small pill container, hidden about 32 feet up in a pine tree.  We met up with Team Geochef (Brian and Michelle) and started our hike in.  The forecast was calling for cold temps, but the sun was shining so bright that it didn't feel cold at all, and I soon figured out that I was a little overdressed.  We soon located the tree we needed, and the guys headed up to find the cache.  After a bit of searching, it was in hand.  It was a great cache and it was nice to be out with friends for the find on such a beautiful day.

Shortly after the event, we decided to make our way to Niles, Michigan to attend an event at a beautiful Botanical Garden in the area.  We met up with many more caching friends and spent the day exploring the grounds, finding caches and just enjoying the fabulous weather.  We, in usual form, couldn't bring ourselves to say goodbye, so went to dinner together before heading home.  We ate at Zekes, which is the same place we ate at after our kayak run.  Food is fantastic, however the waitress messed everyones credit cards up so bad, that some swore  never to come back again.  It was a total mess, and took over 30 minutes to straighten out.  Truth is, it never really was straightened out, I think everyone just sort of gave up.  We hit up one more cache and headed home.

We got back WAY later than I intended but it was a fantastic day and I enjoyed getting out into nature again.  I'm SO excited, as next weekend is our "regular" slumber party with all the friends.  I NEED THIS!!! I've been so down in the dumps the last month, and am tired of swimming in the swamps of life.  It's going to be good to be surrounded by people that love me, don't judge me and just care about my happiness!  COME ON SATURDAY!!!

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  1. Glad you had a great day. You deserve great days! Can't wait for Saturday. Love ya girl.