Thursday, October 20, 2011

What goes up....

Must come down.  But how far "down" does it have to go before it can go back "up" again?

I'm just frustrated.  I'm at a frustrated part of my life.  I'm just...ugh.

Trying like hell to pick up more hours at work.  Brad and I are down to one vehicle, and it is going through a gallon of water every 10 miles because the radiator is leaking so bad.  We just don't have the money to get it fixed.  I just need an easy solution, like....a winning lotto ticket, because I, quite frankly, am out of freaking ideas here!  His quick answer is "get another job"!  Well, anyone attempting to find work right now knows how not easy that is.  In addition to the fact that it has to work around my other job, and his schedule...because we only have one (or half of one) car anymore.


On the bright side, it is owl banding season.  On the downside of that...the weather has SUCKED for owl banding!  We need cool, clear, calm nights.  We've had 60+ MPH winds, rain and clouds all but 5 nights that we have attempted to owl.  On those nights, we had either winds, clouds, or combinations of.  We have gotten 2 owls all month.  They predicted record numbers this year, and it's just not the case.  It makes for some VERY long nights.  Long, boring nights.   I just really hope that after this latest storm we get a HUGE crop of owls in the nets, and we can gather LOTS of data on them...because there are a lot of people trying REALLY hard to make them show up!

Oh...and my gall bladder is acting up again...

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