Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out with a bang, dammit...

I'm 6 days shy of turning a whopping.....nother year older.  It's been a year of ups, and downs, and wonderful memories, and things I'd like to forget.  And as "the day" gets closer, I was actually beginning to get a bit excited about it.  And then it happened, all of it happened...

Hot water heater broke
fridge broke
sliding glass door broke (on going issue)
dryer broke (another on going issue)
still no word back on unemployment OR public assistance
many online applications filled out, not one single call back
Brads car breaks down, leaving us with only my van, and both working at times that this isn't feasible for us

and then the whopper....my van broke down.

My van broke down and I'm terrified it's a cracked block, or blown head gasket, or something really, REALLY serious, and there is no way we can afford this.  My 2 week paycheck this week was a kick ass $153.00. Yes, you read that right.  One hundred and Fifty Three Dollars and NO cents, for two WEEKS worth of work. (and by kick ass I mean WTF?!?  That can't seriously be a CHECK!!!???  I feel ass raped)

And in the end, we are screwed, big time.  And I understand the strain this puts on the household, me only having the one job now.  But, I wish people (person) could see that this is NOT the type of lifestyle I want, and I really hope things start to turn around soon, and I'm just as stressed out as they are, and I didn't BREAK my engine on purpose, and well... FUCK MY LIFE right now!  This is SO very much not where I saw my life being at ?? years old!

I seriously, SERIOUSLY need a lottery God, and I need him NOWNOWNOWNOW.

So, if any of you are wondering what to get me for my birthday....a winning lotto ticket would be PERFECT!!

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  1. I don't know why every time the shit hits the fan it has to be a whole field worth of shit at the same time. I really really hope this all passes. Maybe this is a way of showing you you guys need to move and you need a cheap "old/new" vehicle. I really believe in signs and what not. I just hope now that the shit has hit the fan it can blow off and pass for awhile. You deserve it to be over for a bit that's for sure.