Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This past winter, we bought new kayaks.  I LOVE to kayak about as much as I love to geocache, or camp. We have been itching to get out on the water, but weather and work schedule have prevented it.  Yesterday both of those aligned, and we were able to get the yaks wet for the first time ever.

It was a perfect day.  It was SO good to be out on the water again, enjoying nature, and the company.  It was so completely relaxing.  It was the exact thing I needed....to clear my head for awhile.

There has been a LOT going on in my personal life here lately.  My mother has been pretty sick, and that has been very scary for me.  I don't like seeing her this way.  She isn't mom when she is sick.  I just keep praying she gets better soon, and that the oncologist has the answer.

I've also been dealing with my youngest daughter being severely bullied at school, and her depression from it.  It saddens me just how mean and hurtful some people can be, just because it brings them pleasure.  I can't imagine being a child in school these days.  It's hard enough to deal with bullying as an adult, but these poor kids. Just yesterday, a 13 year old one town over shot him self outside of his old school.  A classmate of my daughters over-dosed 2 weeks ago.  It seems every day another child is taking their life because of bullying.  It angers me, greatly, and I really feel like it's time the schools and parents were held accountable for not protecting these victims.  I know I personally have talked to the school several times about my daughters situation, and it seems nothing is being done, because it still continues.  My saving grace, there. are only 6 days of school left.

Aside from work, and the stuff mentioned, there isn't really a whole lot going on, other than I've been going to the gym with my friend, Sabrina.  I've really been enjoying that.  I also had my first camping trip of the year, last weekend, and it was AWESOME!  Some friends of mine recently bought property along a river, and it was the perfect place for many of us to gather for the extended weekend.  It was SO nice to not have any agenda, and just enjoy the time together.

Hope everyone is well....

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  1. Wow an Amber update. About time haha.

    Great to hear all the positive stuff. I'm so pissed about Kensie. She doesn't need that crap in her life. She's such a beautiful person. I'll be glad when she's out of that school.